Leading through growth and change is challenging

As leaders and change agents, most of us have faced some common challenges:Frustration

  • our vision of the future, clear in the past, has become cloudy
  • goals and objectives, once clear and concise, have morphed into a complex tangle of competing priorities
  • some team members have lost motivation and passion for the work
  • stakeholders’ perceptions of where we are don’t match their expectations
  • some team members have deep attachment to the status quo, or fear of change
  • some teams and team members have conflicting goals and agendas
  • our customers (internal and external) seem difficult to satisfy and impossible to “wow”
  • our processes aren’t enabling desired levels of performance and quality
  • we seem to make many of the same mistakes over and over again, instead of learning from them
  • some of our metrics look good… but are they the right metrics?

At Alignment Associates, we believe all of these can often be traced back to a lack of alignment. And we believe a holistic approach to improving alignment can provide maximum leverage across many facets of the organization. When people and organizations are more aligned, they achieve superior results, and the people have more fun, less stress, and have more energy left at the end of the day for their family and the causes that are important to them. We help our clients achieve these results.

Organizational Alignment may seem hard to define, and harder to master...

p-principles-graphic-v2-300dpiWe develop tools and deliver services to enable leaders to understand and optimize alignment within their organizations, for sustainable success.

Our tools and services leverage our alignment framework, The P Principles of Alignment™, to make organizational alignment more understandable and actionable.
The P Principles include:

  • Purpose – What we’re here to accomplish
  • Passion – What our organization, and our people, care deeply about
  • Products – What we make or do for our customers, and why they should buy it
  • Priorities – The most important things we need to focus on right now
  • Plans – How we’re going to get from where we are, to where we need to be
  • Practices – How we communicate with and enable our teams to be effective
  • Processes – How we organize and optimize the work we do together to produce value for our customers
  • Performance – How we measure, incentivize and improve the performance of our teams and individuals

By evaluating and improving alignment in these eight dimensions, organizations can simultaneously improve their short-term results, their long-term viability, and the engagement and satisfaction of their stakeholders.

Services to fit where you are, in your journey to alignment

Every organization is unique, and all are at different points on their path to optimal alignment. Alignment Associates offers a suite of services designed to accommodate the needs of any organization:

  • Alignment Assessment Services: Evaluate your current state using our Alignment Maturity Model, identify priorities for improvement, and develop a roadmap toward sustainable success
  • Alignment Programs: Structured workshops and consulting services to enable your leaders and teams to close the identified gaps, and build deeper holistic alignment across the organization
  • EOS® Implementation: Training, facilitation and coaching that enables entrepreneurs to get what they want from their business
  • Facilitation Services: Innovative, professional meeting planning and facilitation to help your team communicate, collaborate and align, internally and with external stakeholders