To Transform an Organization... You Must Transform Leadership

Organizational entropy constantly tugs at every organization. Left unchecked, this entropy dilutes organizational focus, reduces clarity, spawns complexity, and erodes employee confidence, commitment, and passion. Every experienced leader has seen this happen.

Sustainable Organizational Alignment doesn’t happen through a passionate speech or a short-term initiative. Rather, leaders must infuse a holistic approach for alignment into how they think, how they communicate, how they make decisions, and how they act. Alignment Associates provides training and coaching services, to transform good leaders into Aligned Leaders.

Aligned Leadership Workshops

Photo Jul 02, 10 42 11 AMAlignment Associates delivers training workshops for teams who desire an intensive, live, face-to-face learning experience. Most workshops are one or two days in length, and can be tailored to meet an organization’s specific needs and priorities.

Workshop topics include:

  • Building a Culture of Alignment (The “P” Principles™)
  • Applying the Alignment Maturity Model™
  • Aligning Purpose, Passion and Products
  • Aligning Priorities and Plans
  • Aligning Processes, Practices and Performance

Training workshops are most effective when combined with coaching and online training.

One-on-One Aligned Leadership Coaching

CoachingCurveTransforming how you think, communicate, make decisions, and lead-by-example to drive greater alignment isn’t simple… or you would have done it already. It’s one thing to read or hear how to do it… actually doing it is another thing entirely.

Great leaders understand the value of coaching, in developing new skills and improving their performance. Alignment Associates offers alignment-focused coaching services to help individual leaders prioritize areas for improvement, introduce new methods and tools, adjust behaviors and leadership styles, and achieve impactful results for their organizations.

Initial coaching sessions include a capabilities assessment and face-to-face planning of priorities. Periodic touch-point sessions are performed via phone or web meeting, to monitor progress, address challenges, and introduce new methods and tools as appropriate.

Coaching can be most effective when combined with ongoing online training and peer community engagement.

Alignment Academy Online Training

Alignment Associates offers alignment-focused webinars and online courses through Alignment Academy. Individuals can grow their Aligned Leadership knowledge and capabilities at their own pace, at a time and place that works for them. Organizations can deliver a custom curriculum to their leadership team, aligned to their unique needs.

Courses provide more detailed instruction on specific skills, and may also be used to “refresh” details taught in training workshops. Individual modules require just 30-90 minutes, maximizing time available to apply new skills by actually leading your team.

An optional online community enables participants to collaborate with coaches and other learners, for deeper engagement.