Photo Credit: Team Cassels Photography

Photo Credit: Team Cassels Photography

Paul Penny is founder and principal of Alignment Associates, and is passionate about the power of alignment to improve organizational performance, and people’s lives.

Paul consults, writes, speaks, coaches and facilitates, to help leaders and organizations build  holistic alignment for sustainable success.

Paul leverages 30 years of consulting experience with hundreds of clients, plus leadership success in high-growth businesses, to develop and deliver alignment-focused services.

Paul is the creator of the P Principles of Alignment framework and the INTJenuity Workshop Method, developer of  the Alignment Maturity Model, and author of The P Principles Primer: Eight Questions for Aligning People and Organizations.

Paul is an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator and a Certified ScrumMaster.

Paul blogs on organizational alignment at

You can read more about Paul’s background and qualifications on LinkedIn.